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Lettings Fees

Here are our lettings fees for tenants. If you have any further questions about becoming a landlord or a tenant with us, then please call our Lettings Team on 01636 670977.




Compulsory Fees


All fees payable by the tenant are inclusive of VAT at the current rate of 20%



Application Fee

We will process your application for a property confirming identity, immigration and visa confirmation, financial credit checks, obtaining references from current and/or previous employers/landlords and any other relevant information to assess affordability. We will conclude contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms as necessary) and arrange the tenancy and agreement.

First Applicant - £150.00

Each Additional Applicant - £150.00

Dependent over 18 years of age £36.00


If your application requires a guarantor we will arrange covering credit referencing, employers references and prepare a Guarantor Deed as part of the Tenancy Agreement.

Guarantor Fee - £75.00


An application does not guarantee the offer of a tenancy.


Application and fees are non-refundable in the event that you change your mind or if an application is unsuccessful.


We require one month’s rent in advance plus a deposit (normally equivalent to 1½ month’s rent).



We will prepare an inventory and schedule of condition of the property and deal with any teething issues relating to the move.

Administration Fee - £75.00



Transfer of Tenancy Agreement to Statutory Periodic

We will confirm identity, immigration and visa and reissue prescribed information relating to the tenancy deposit.

Transfer Fee to Periodic - £60.00


Renewal of Tenancy Agreement

We will deal with contract negotiation, amend and update terms and arrange a further tenancy and agreement along with any appendices. Visa confirmation, immigration and identity will also be reconfirmed.

Renewal Fee - £90.00



We will attend the property to undertake an update to the schedule of condition based on the original inventory and negotiate the repayment of the security deposit.

Check Out Fee - £75.00



Additional Fees


Amendment of Tenancy Agreement - £48.00

This will be payable if you ask us to amend your tenancy and we have to renegotiate your contract, amend the term and/or update your tenancy agreement during your tenancy and reissue prescribed information relating to the deposit.


Replacement Keys - £10.00 each (minimum charge)

If you lose a standard key and require replacement we will charge you for replacement and this will have to be collected from the Newark office. The figure for the replacement of high security locks will depend on the manufacturer.


Unscheduled Property Visit - £36.00 per visit

This will be payable If we are unhappy with an inspection or have to discuss an aspect of your tenancy of your making, such as unpaid rent, damage to property, complaints etc. and we have to make an unscheduled visit.


Pet Permission - £30.00

If your landlord agrees to your request to have a pet during the course of your tenancy this will be payable for negotiation on your behalf with your landlord, drawing up the necessary paperwork and resubmitting additional monies into your deposit fund and reissuing prescribed information.


Failed or Aborted Appointment - £30.00

This will be payable if you fail to be present at a prearranged appointment with ourselves or one of our contractors. NB this is a minimum fee dependant on the contractor’s charge.


Instructing Contractors - £30.00

This will be payable if we have to arrange for contractors to carry out works to the property which is a result of your actions during your tenancy or after the tenancy has ended. This will be in addition to any costs incurred for work carried out.


Reminder Letter - £30.00

This will be payable if we have to write a letter to remind you about some aspect relating to your tenancy. This can include chasing a late rent payment and applies to each letter sent.


Returned and Overpaid Rent Payments - £30.00

This fee relates to any rental payment that does not clear or is returned and rental monies paid after the tenancy has ended.


Out of Hours - £60.00 per hour

Alasdair Morrison Management Surveyors do not offer an “out of hours service” but where actions of the tenants results in us, our contractor or your landlord attending the property out of normal offices hours then this cost will be payable. This includes time spent travelling as well as time spent to remedy the situation and travel costs.


Failure to Return Keys 

If you fail to return keys at the end of the tenancy your landlord reserves the right to charge for replacing locks within the house and you will be responsible for this cost.


Ending your Tenancy Early - £200.00

This will be payable if you decide to end your tenancy earlier than the expiry date of a fixed term tenancy. In addition you will be responsible for the rent up until the date a new tenant takes over the property and covering the landlord’s fees regarding letting costs.

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