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When presentation equals money, it's time to listen

By Jane Owen - 07.08.18

Dawn Cox offers her advice for a stress-free completion.

By Dawn Cox - 06.08.18

How might the interest rate rise affect you and the local property market?

By Alasdair Morrison - 03.08.18

The Newark & Southwell property market is performing well this summer

By Alasdair Morrison - 01.08.18

If you've found your dream home but haven't sold yet, there might be a solution

By Deb Simpson - 31.07.18

Do you know what the weakest link in a property sale is?

By Wendy Potts - 30.07.18

A well presented property will make it more attractive to tenants

By Ross Williams - 24.07.18

Selling a property takes more than just an advert in the local more

By Dawn Cox - 23.07.18

Alasdair looks at the practical elements of buying to let.

By Alasdair Morrison - 17.07.18

Your estate agent has the opportunity to make your house sale as easy as possible

By Alasdair Morrison - 16.07.18

Did you know that it might be possible to become a landlord while using the bank's money?

By Alasdair Morrison - 10.07.18

Are you, or worse is your estate agent waiting in hope for a buyer to appear?

By Wendy Potts - 09.07.18

The end of school marks the beginning of summer and could be a great time to rent out your property.

By Deb Simpson - 03.07.18

Let's all celebrate being independent!

By Alasdair Morrison - 02.07.18

The return of a deposit can often be an area of dispute between landlords and tenants...

By Ross Williams - 26.06.18

What are the criteria by which you should judge your estate agent?

By Chris Pick - 25.06.18

Investing in a repaint between lettings can help you quickly secure a tenant

By Jane Owens - 19.06.18

The sale price of your property is key to a successful sale

By Chris Pick - 18.06.18

Serious buyers won't be put off by the Football Effect, so neither should you!

By Liselle Barnsley - 15.06.18

As a landlord, do you know who has a right to rent your property...?

By Deb Simpson - 12.06.18

What happens if you think you've missed the spring property market?

By Wendy Potts - 11.06.18

For a maximum return on your investment, you need a team who care

By Alasdair Morrison - 05.06.18

There is far more to moving than simply finding a buyer...

By Dawn Cox - 04.06.18

Record numbers of buyers are searching for their next home...

By Alasdair Morrison - 01.06.18

Read about our sponsored trainee Guide Dog for the Blind, Poppy

By Liselle Barnsley - 01.06.18

A blanket ban on letting to pet owners can severely reduce your number of tenants...

By Deb Simpson - 29.05.18

It's not only sellers who can benefit from the local property skills of an estate agent...

By Karen Fenton - 28.05.18

The letting agency expands with the acquisition of Valerie Rose Lettings

By Liselle Barnsley - 25.05.18

When a property comes with a garden, who's responsibility is it to maintain it?

By Jane Owens - 22.05.18

Is there a 'magic' number of properties you should view...?

By Faye Wiltshire - 21.05.18

Deb Simpson offers advice for landlords to consider when selecting a letting agent.

By Deb Simpson - 15.05.18

Chris Pick explains why a Royal Wedding is great news for the property market

By Chris Pick - 14.05.18

Completing simple jobs around your home can help maximise your sale prospects.

By Wendy Potts - 14.05.18

Conducting an inventory might seem like a hassle, but it's worth it in the end.

By Ross Williams - 08.05.18

Will your estate agent strive to achieve the best selling price? We will!

By Dawn Cox - 07.05.18

Finding a tenant is only one part of letting, management is also key.

By Alasdair Morrison - 01.05.18

There is often a false economy in choosing the cheapest estate agent...

By Alasdair Morrison - 30.04.18

The East Midlands housing market continues to show strong growth as confidence returns.

By Chris Pick - 25.04.18

Good referencing will produce a tenant who is reliable and an asset to the let

By Jane Owens - 23.04.18

Choosing the wrong letting agent could end up costing you dearly

By Deb Simpson - 17.04.18

There are plenty of buyers out there looking for a renovation project, so don't reach for the paintbrush!

By Wendy Potts - 16.04.18

If you view your letting agent as a partner, the process will be much easier

By Wendy Potts - 10.04.18

Better trained estate agency staff will result in a smoother sales process for clients

By Dawn Cox - 09.04.18

Rent arrears can be a huge headache for landlords. Deb Simpson offers some advice.

By Deb Simpson - 05.04.18

Is there really an 'ideal' time to sell your home? Chris Pick investigates.

By Chris Pick - 03.04.18

The number of qualified buyers locally remains high as they search for their next dream home.

By Chris Pick - 02.04.18

Our sponsorship of Eddie has now ended - so please meet Poppy!

By Liselle Barnsley - 29.03.18

Letting to students could be very lucrative. Read on to find out more.

By Deb Simpson - 27.03.18

Although virtual tours might seem glamorous, will they help or hinder your house sale?

By Chris Pick - 26.03.18

Letting your home out might not be as straight forward as you think. Read on for helpful guidance.

By Alasdair Morrison - 20.03.18

The sale of a distinctive home requires an experienced and knowledgeable estate agent.

By Alasdair Morrison - 19.03.18

Every tenant will benefit from these top tips.

By Jane Owens - 13.03.18

More hints and tips to get first-time buyers onto the housing ladder.

By Faye Wiltshire - 12.03.18

Spring is definitely in the air for the local property market.

By Chris Pick - 01.03.18

Online estate agents might promise to save you thousands, but they might end up costing you more.

By Alasdair Morrison - 25.01.18

Alasdair looks back over 2017, which has proved to be a challenging, and yet ultimately very successful year

By Liselle Barnsley - 22.12.17

As a landlord, do you really know your tenants?

By Liselle Barnsley - 22.12.17

Help others less fortunate than yourself this Christmas by donating to Newark Foodbank

By Liselle Barnsley - 20.11.17

Karen Fenton, will be returning to the Southwell office of Alasdair Morrison & Partners

By Liselle Barnsley - 14.11.17

New and existing sellers have launching their own Autumn Sale to tempt buyers.

By Liselle Barnsley - 13.11.17

We look at how the Danish feeling of Hygge can help to sell your home

By Sharon Larsen - 08.11.17

Eddie is now living with foster parents until he is matched with his future owner.

By Liselle Barnsley - 26.10.17

As darker nights draw in, we offer some tips to keep you and your home safe

By Liselle Barnsley - 10.10.17

However, demand remains strong for the right property at the right price

By Liselle Barnsley - 01.10.17

87 per cent of sellers say that rapport with branch staff is key to choosing their agent

By Liselle Barnsley - 29.09.17

FREE Lettings and Rentals Clinic in Newark on Thurs 5th Oct 2017

By Liselle Barnsley - 28.09.17

The East Midlands housing market is leading all other regions, including London in average house prices.

By Liselle Barnsley - 24.08.17

Eddie the trainee Guide Dog for the Blind being sponsored by Alasdair Morrison & Partners in Newark and Southwell

By Alasdair Morrison & Partners - 25.07.17

According to the July 2017 Rightmove House Price Index, 45% of property on the UK housing market has a SOLD sign on it.

By Alasdair Morrison & Partners - 17.07.17

The June 2017 Rightmove House Price Index has seen the highest number of sales agreed in May for nearly 10 years with the exception of May 2014, and are now showing a national uplift of 7%.

By Alasdair Morrison & Partners - 20.06.17

At Alasdair Morrison & Partners, we’re committed to helping First Time Buyers get onto the housing market. Our alliance with the Fidúcia Group also means that we can help you find the finance you need for your house deposit.

By Alasdair Morrison & Partners - 19.06.17

Alasdair Morrison & Partners has formed an alliance with Fidúcia Mortgage Solutions for clients buying a home in Newark or Southwell.

By Alasdair Morrison & Partners - 13.03.17

AVAILABILITY UPDATE – 2nd February 2015

By Alasdair Morrison & Partners - 02.02.15

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