Expert witness services

The primary function of an expert witness is to express an independent expert opinion on the property-related information requested by the client, for the benefit of the Court or tribunal.

As Chartered Surveyors acting as an expert witness, our surveyor is bound by the Civil Procedures rules and will conform to the requirements of the RICS Practice Statement for Surveyors Acting as Expert Witnesses.

Expert witness opinion

Alasdair Morrison Chartered Surveyors can provide professional advice on building related matters including:

  • Valuation
  • Matrimonial valuation
  • Building defect and disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Boundary disputes

We only act as an expert witness and give expert evidence where we have the skills, experience, knowledge and expertise appropriate for the assignment, and the resources to complete the work to an agreed timescale.

A well drafted, unbiased expert witness report will often help parties in dispute to reach agreement and settle without the need for a tribunal or court hearing.

Should a dispute be heading towards the courts or another judicial body such as an arbitrator for resolution you will possibly need the services of an Expert Witness.

It is important that the appointing party realises that the overriding duty of any expert is to the court, or other judicial body, to help it decide matters within the expert’s expertise and not to the person paying the expert’s fees.

Expert advice must be independent, objective and unbiased.

The general requirement is for such evidence to be given in a written report in accordance with the CPR and suitable for cross-examination.

We act as an Expert Witness for private individuals and corporate clients.

In some disputes a court may appoint a ‘Single Joint Expert’ instead of the parties appointing their own experts to give evidence.

Expert witness reports

We act, provide reports, and give evidence in Court as an Expert Witness in compliance with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (CPR35) and its associated Practice Direction (PD35).

We provide reports for a range of purposes including litigation, disputes and negligence for courts and tribunals, arbitrators, adjudications, committees and independent experts.

When acting as an Expert Witness our primary duty is not to the client but always to the Court or tribunal and we always ensure that we:

  • are independent and unbiased
  • state the main facts and do not omit material facts that might be relevant
  • are impartial and uninfluenced by those instructing us.

We only act as an expert witness and give expert evidence where we have the ability to act impartially, have the experience, knowledge and expertise appropriate for the assignment and the have the resources to complete the assignment within the required timescales and to the required standard.