What is a survey?

  • A survey is normally commissioned by the buyer of the property. A RICS qualified Surveyor will conduct a thorough examination of the property and produce a written report for the purchaser which will contain detailed information about the value and condition of the property, often in addition to environmental and other concerns.

Why do I need a survey?

Before you commit to buying, a survey can help you:

  • Find out the true condition of the property
  • Manage your financial risk
  • Reassure you are doing the right thing

We can provide a wide range of property surveys tailored to your specific needs. We will advise on the level of survey required, depending on the situation.

What survey do I need?

If the property you are intending to buy  is of significant age, or of an unusual construction, in a very dilapidated condition, of historical importance (e.g. Listed Building status) or where extensive renovation is planned, then we would recommend you commission a Building Survey. This might also be referred to as a Structural Survey.

If your property is relatively modern and and seems to be in average condition, then a less costly RICS HomeBuyer Report may be more suitable for your needs.

Different types of surveys

– HomeBuyer Report

HomeBuyer Report is concise and user friendly. It highlights only urgent or significant defects in a property’s condition, and the need for repairs and/or replacements that a buyer should be aware of before exchanging contracts. It also includes a valuation.

Property condition ratings are colour coded based on the surveyor’s professional judgement on the state of repair of elements of the building. The colour coding is a simple traffic light system with green rating indicating that no repairs are necessary, amber for intermediate matters and red for the most serious and urgent.

The report is broken down into sections to deal with the various components making up the property in addition to having sections that highlight matters for legal advisor’s attention, specific risks and hazards (for example damp or structural movement). The surveyor’s opinion of ‘Market Value’ is provided as well as a buildings insurance calculation.

– Building Surveys (structural surveys)

Before buying any property it is wise to commission a Building Survey so that you know what you are committing yourself to. A Building Survey is an in-depth service that provides a detailed report on the construction and condition of the property, listing minor as well as major defects. The report includes extensive technical information on construction and materials.

Our Surveyors inspect all visible and accessible elements of the building which can be extended to include specialist testing of services and drainage. We can also give you advice about extensions, alterations and conversions. A valuation can be carried out at the same time.

The survey would normally be carried out within three days of being instructed.