What is a valuation?

  • A property valuation is a simple report that advises on the market value of the property. Not to be confused with a marketing appraisal provided by an estate agent to advise on the asking price and likely sale price. A professional valuation is provided by a qualified surveyor (RICS registered valuer) who will take account of the overall general state of repair, market conditions and select relevant comparable evidence to arrive at their professional opinion. This is the same as a valuation commissioned by a lender for a mortgage offer. However, it will only mention any defects that will significantly affect the property value.

Why do I need a valuation?

We do not believe anyone can take the risk of buying a property without the benefit of advice from an independent surveyor. Property values are no longer rapidly increasing and in today’s economic climate identifying current or future problems and assessing the true market value has never been more important.

Who carries out the valuations?

Our RICS qualified surveyors and Registered Valuers have the support of a fully trained administration team working from a dedicated surveying office.

Clients are given the opportunity to speak with the surveyor prior to inspection and are always invited to liaise further upon receipt of the report in order that they are able to make an informed and diligent purchase.

We provide a full range of property surveys tailored to a client’s specific needs. We will assist the client in choosing the level of survey required, depending upon the property and situation.

Our other valuation services include: